We live by two principles:

The first is to always use the highest quality, freshest ingredients available. No compromises. Our second principle is to use as many locally sourced, farm to table products as possible. We’re proud of our products and our suppliers. Here’s an example of how we go about living our principles.

The meat for our burgers is fresh, never frozen, 100% Black Angus beef. We get it from New York’s most famous butcher; Pat LaFrieda.
You just can’t get better than that.

Buns / Bread:
Since our burgers are special, we thought the buns should be also. So we went to Martins. The sweet, buttery taste, soft texture, and distinctive golden color has made the Martin’s Potato Roll a  favorite.

Our Ciabatta bread has even more of a history. Since 1927 our baker’s New Jersey Bakery has been producing hearth-baked artisan bread using old world family recipes. They continue to do so today. You get their artisan goodness in our artisan sandwiches.

Cupcakes / Cookies
We make our cupcakes from scratch every day. Seven days a week. We use farm fresh eggs, dairy butter, real cream cheese and plenty of fresh fruit. Are you craving a decadently rich chocolate cupcake? It get’s its reputation because we only use Callebaut Belgian Chocolate. We use it in our cookies also. If you’re going to bake every day and put your reputation on the line with each bite, why not use the best.