Why Burgers & Cupcakes?

There are places that serve Burgers.
There are places that serve Cupcakes.

In 2011 we founded Bucu with this thought:
Why not unite these two symbols of American goodness in ONE place.

Take our Burgers… they aren’t ordinary burgers. We use only fresh, never frozen 100% Black Angus beef. from celebrated  meat purveyor, Pat LaFreida… The best of the best.

Our Cupcakes and Cookies are on higher level as well. We bake them from scratch every morning. Whether it’s the fresh eggs or Belgian Chocolate, we only use the finest, freshest ingredients in our bakery goods.

Our quest to be the best extends to the meats, cheeses and breads we use in our handcrafted sandwiches, the fresh produce we use in our bountiful salads, dairy fresh ice cream treats and amazing house made chips and sides.

So, to sum it up, we run our business with one overarching principle: make the highest quality food from the highest quality ingredients and have it served by a team that prides itself on providing total customer satisfaction. Really, it’s just that simple.